Hi! I’m Jilea Hemmings and I want to help you.

I want to help you unleash the bold, lion-hearted entrepreneur within you.

I want to help you achieve your wildest entrepreneurial dreams.

I want to help you pursue your passion and transform your life.

I’ve dedicated my life to nurturing businesses to help them reach their fullest potential. Is your business next?

I was tired of feeling undervalued, underutilized and underpaid. My entrepreneurial fire was ignited in 2008 after spending several years successfully revamping business development campaigns for Fortune 500 companies including Bank of America, Joseph E. Seagrams, Pfizer, and Baptist Health South Florida. It was the day after my second son was born that I asked my husband to bring me my laptop (I was still in the hospital!). That was the day that Greenie Tots, the first frozen, all natural, meatless entrée line for kids was created. While the Greenie Tots dream has since ended, my absolute devotion to business creation and development has flourished and grown.

My past role as founder and operator of Greenie Tots afforded a unique insight and invaluable opportunity to further hone my skills as a branding guru and small business specialist. As founder and CEO of Eshe Consulting, I aid small, medium and start-up companies in all aspects of their businesses; from assisting in the business and product development stages for start-up companies to helping existing companies rebrand their products and overall image.

In addition to Eshe Consulting, I’m also committed to educating children on how to be their own boss. Through entrepreneurship training and mentoring, my social enterprise, Youthpreneur, focuses on providing youth with the tools to run their own businesses and be a positive force for good.

I now live in South Florida with my three beautiful children and loving husband. We are all passionate advocates for Autism awareness. I get out of the bed in the morning to be a bold and courageous leader, to support businesses as they strive to thrive, and to help awesome people like you reach new heights as they dare to reach for the stars.

What a breathtaking adventure – I’m thrilled for you to join me!