My self-guided courses offer you the flexibility and freedom to learn at your own pace.Develop the skills you need to thrive as the bold, lion-hearted entrepreneur that I know you are!

Stay In Your Lane and play to your strengths and talents. We can’t be everything, do everything, or know everything. Accepting this is a crucial step in transforming your life and achieving success. Let me show you how to advance your specialized skill-set and unleash the bold, lion-hearted entrepreneur within you.

Childpreneur Bootcamp is for the kid with a big imagination and even bigger dreams. My bootcamp focuses on kids with the tools to run their own businesses and be a positive force for good in their community. Give your child the gift of knowledge and opportunity. This might just be the greatest gift you ever give.

Frozen Entrée University is for the entrepreneur with culinary aspirations. This comprehensive course will answer all of your questions (and more!) on how to launch your frozen food brand and get it out on retail shelves. From conception and branding to distribution and handling investors – I cover it all.